Sam Silva was born on 02.03.1985 in Liège, Belgium.
He is DJ since 2000 and Producer since 2006.
In the beginning of the year 2007,he started the first belgian
hard techno label,called 3SRecordings…

In 2009, Dj Rush gave him the chance to release on his legendary label : KneDeep

The track called « Pimp my Kick » has been charted all over the world by hudge dj’s and featured on Time warp Compilation 2009.

Sam Silva is well knowed for massive Techno /  hard techno with heavy middle breaks,,no cheats,no library loops,only home made beatzz.

His tracks are played by major artist on the scene,like Dj Rush,Dj lukas,Pet Duo,Dj Ogi,and many many more…
In beginning of the year 2009,after five massive releases on 3SRecordings and plenty of releases on well established labels,Sam Silva decided to create a new platform called Plector Records,
which has the same ambition for techno music as 3SRecordings for hard techno.

New Release :
Plector issue 004 EP :

Info : After a successful album released end of 2012, It’s time for Sam Silva to stike back on his own imprint with a massive techno Weapon Ep. Four quality looped techno tracks,no comprise at all …

Listen the EP :